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Four Features of the Apple iPod Touch
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The Apple iPod Touch is an excellent product that people have found to be useful in a variety of different ways. For example, many people wonder why a person would have an iPod Touch, an iPod, and an iPhone. For one, these people obviously love Apple products, but they also have found ways to use all three of these products in new and exciting ways. For a person who does not want to spend the monthly service fee to have phone communication through the iPhone, or for a person who wants their device to be able to do much more than simply play music, the Apple iPod Touch is the answer. The new Apple iPod Touch is able to connect to any wireless signal which dramatically increases the functionality of the device, so it's safe to say they are worth the price. You can purchase one at the Apple store or you can bid on one at Zbiddy.com. 

One of the best features of the Apple iPod Touch is the FaceTime application. FaceTime allows for iPod Touch users to actually video chat with their friends and family. Through FaceTime you will be able to make phone calls to your friends around the world and actually be able to see them in your iPod Touch. This revolutionary technology has allowed people to stay more connected and to never lose track of their precious friends.

The Apple iPod Touch also has a stunning retina display. This is the most advanced and most impressive screen yet and it actually boasts up to four times the visual clarity of previous models. The retina display will allow you to watch videos and movies in stunning high definition quality and allow you to view your iPod Touch inside or outside depending on where you need to go, I suggest visiting online auctions for great deals.

The Apple iPod Touch also has the ability to record and edit video in high definition. You will never wish that you had a video camera with you anymore because now you always can, with the advent of the new HD video feature on the new Apple iPod Touch. You can record up to 720p video which will allow you to shoot in one of the best resolutions available. This will also allow you to have the functionality of a video camera on your phone as well as an editor. You can download an App from the Apple App store that will actually let you edit your live video directly from your iPod. This amazing technology has created a buzz in the industry because of the computing capacity of the iPod Touch.

If you are interested in buying the Apple iPod Touch and you are committed to finding the best deal on it you should visit Zbiddy.com. At ZBiddy you are able to enter live auctions for the products that you are passionate about, such as a brand new, factory sealed Apple iPod Touch. This amazing device can be bought for a fraction of what you would pay at the retail store, and it will be shipped to your doorstep so you do not even need to leave your home. If you are serious about buying this product, you need to check out Zbiddy.com.

Five Reasons to Try Penny Auctions
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If the Apple iPad has been out of your financial reach you need to run over to www.zbiddy.com and check out what penny auctions are all about. Penny auctions are the latest and hottest trend in auctions. Think of all those little copper coins that have been gathering in your wallet. Thanks to the penny auction the penny earned a higher status quo. Ask yourself when was the last time you bought anything for two cents?

If the iPad doesn’t interest you how about a new, straight from the factory Kindle or MacBook Air for less than $100.00? Or a $20.00 Burger King Gift Card for two dollars?

ZBiddy.com is a unique auction website that everyone should visit. It offers some fantastic electronic products such as the Nintendo Wii, television monitors, Dyson Ball vacuums and gift cards. The average savings at ZBiddy is 85% off of the retail price. Here are five reasons to try penny auctions:

1. No reserve prices
2. Brand new from the factory brand name merchandise that is the latest
3. Monthly giveaways of cash and prizes
4. Two easy bid packages to choose from and live chat available for immediate help
5. It is fun

The first step is to register which is free. The second step is to choose the bid package that best suits your budget. The two most popular packages are at $59 at ninety-eight bids and $159 at two hundred sixty-five bids. The third step is to choose an item that you would like to bid on and the fourth step is to go ahead and bid. Bids increase by one cent for the penny auctions. For the non-penny auctions it is ten cents.

ZBiddy understands that there are probably many newcomers to the world of auction and has included ten useful tips and strategies to help you get started. There is also a How to video on the site as well as Live Chat.

It is recommended for instance to thoroughly read through the FAQs prior to purchasing any bid packages until you are thoroughly familiar with the concept. Watching some of the auctions first will also give you a better idea as to what the strategies are that the bidders are following. Learn to play the game!

Timing works to your benefit too. When most people are away at work fewer people are bidding against you so figure out when is the best time in the day to bid. ZBiddy also has a referral program so if you bring someone in to play you will be granted five free bids.

For those people whose current income has made them feel as if they will never be able to purchase the latest electronic gadget, ZBiddy offers them the opportunity to possess that product they thought they never could.

Five Fun Games to Play on PlayStation 3
penny auctions, ecommerce, shopping, auctions

The new PlayStation 3 produced by Sony is one of the greatest gaming machines that has ever been built. Many people who have never played a gaming system before will be blown away by the level of realism afforded by the gaming system and they will be shocked to learn that they can play real life games on their gaming systems. Many of the games that are available on the PlayStation 3 allow people to play in real life situations and it allows them to get a glimpse into how the real gaming systems actually work. There are many games available to be won on some online auction sites for the new Sony PlayStation 3 and regardless of which one you choose, you will be able to experience hours of entertainment.

One of the fun games to play on PlayStation 3 is SOCOM: Navy Seals. SOCOM is a very realistic game that allows gamers to play as one of the squad members of a navy Seal unit. Within the SOCOM game you are able to play in multiple different scenarios and in many different countries while you fight against terrorists and enemies the world over. This game has cutting edge graphics and very realistic sounds.

Another fun game to play on the PlayStation 3 is Call of Duty 4. Call of Duty 4 is the latest version is a line of video games that allow gamers to play in real lifelike war situations. The Call of Duty game series allow people to play as soldiers in different battle scenarios where you can test your skills in combat and against gamers from around the world.

Metal Gear Solid 3 is another of the excellent titles offered by Sony PlayStation 3. Metal Gear Solid allows you to play as an assassin and keeps you on the edge of your seat as you go through the different levels available through the game. As the main character in an assassin game you have the opportunity to control your destiny and to have a lot of fun as you learn the tips and tricks of the trade.

Gran Turismo is another excellent game that allows gamers to race behind the wheel of some of the most advanced racing vehicles available today. These racing vehicles are especially designed to keep you on the edge of your seat and to simulate a real crash simulation environment.

One of the final fun games that are available through the PlayStation 3 is the Final Fantasy series. The Final Fantasy games are great examples of the RPG genre which allows players to take on the role of the protagonist as they progress through the game. You can get the game from a store or try bidding on it in an auction. 

If you are interested in any of these games then you will be happy to hear that zbiddy.com has excellent prices on the PlayStation 3 which will allow you to play any of these games. ZBiddy is an online auction site which specializes in high end consumer electronics such as the PlayStation 3. You are guaranteed an excellent price on the gaming system and hours of endless entertainment.

Four Games to Play on a Nintendo Wii
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When the Nintendo Wii gaming system first rolled out for consumers to purchase it introduced the world to the first ever mass produced gaming system that allowed gamers to use motions and wireless controllers to play the video games. The technology available through Nintendo Wii was far ahead of its time and allowed for numerous innovations in technology in subsequent years. When Nintendo Wii first came out it also brought with it a series of fun games that allowed people to use their body motions to control their avatar on the gaming screen. This new technology brought in a huge crowd of new gamers back to Nintendo and allowed for the gaming system to make numerous sales and large profits, whether being purchased at a store or won at an auction.

The Nintendo Wii still offers an exciting array of games to play. One of the first games introduced on the Nintendo Wii, and a subsequent icon of the gaming system, was Wii sports. Within Wii Sports, a gamer was able to play multiple sporting games that all allowed them to use controllers to play their games. Gamers could choose between boxing, baseball, tennis and golf. These basic games were able to provide hours of entertainment for gamers because they could play as an individual or they could challenge a friend in a game and play on a split screen, while standing side by side.

Another game for the Nintendo Wii that is very popular is Mario Kart racing. Because the Wii system allows for gamers to control their characters through motion, the steering wheel attachment was added to the Wii system which allows for gamers to control their vehicles in Mario Kart wirelessly. This also allows for a lot of fun as gamers race against their friends from the comfort of their own couches.

A new Nintendo Wii game that is very fun is Wii Party, which you can bid on at trusted online auction sites . In Wii Party you are able to take part in a number of different games that all challenge you and yes promote having a good time. There are many different Party type games within the Wii Party game, and all of them can be played individually or as a team.

Finally, the last of the four games to play on a Nintendo Wii is the Legend of Zelda. This classic RPG is one of the finest games that Nintendo has ever produced. The game allows you to explore the magical world within Zelda and allows you to become fully engrossed in the character development and the plot struggle. If you are looking for an interactive RPG then you should definitely consider playing the Legend of Zelda.

The Nintendo Wii gaming system is available to buy on zbiddy. Simply login to zbiddy.com and find the Nintendo Wii system that you are interested in. Our prices are amazing and you will not be able to find a better deal anywhere on the internet. Your savings by buying through zbiddy will allow you to save money and have more fun with your Nintendo Wii than you ever thought possible.

Find New Items Weekly on ZBiddy.com
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Zbiddy.com is the premiere online auction site because of their low prices and their unwavering devotion to providing only the finest products for auction on their site. They continue to roll out new products all the time, and every one of these new products is one that will attract large bidding audiences, and be popular with their customer base. Zbiddy.com has remained successful because of their product offering and because of their ability to predict the market and always stay on the pulse of which products are current and in vogue.

If you have never been to Zbiddy.com before, we invite you to head over there and check it out. You will be amazed at the product offerings they have and you will likely find multiple products in the features items, that you would consider bidding on. In fact, we would be willing to bet that virtually anyone who visits Zbiddy.com would be able to find a number of different products that they would be interested in bidding on, just in the featured products listings. This is because ZBiddy constantly updates their product offerings, and they always make sure that the products that are available on their site are the products that people actually want to buy. If you are looking to buy antique, collectibles, or previous generations of products then ZBiddy is not for you. ZBiddy only offers brand new, factory sealed, high end consumer electronics. They quickly found that by offering only the best products, they were able to attract the best customers and to ensure that they always have a steady stream of repeat business.

The logical conclusion made by ZBiddy was that if they are able to always rotate their product offerings, and continually have new product offerings, then they could always give their new and returning customers exciting products to bid on. Since implementing this strategy into their business model, they have seen a steady increase in their site traffic, and their customers have responded positively by increased numbers of bids and increased numbers of return customers.

The product offerings at Zbiddy.com change weekly, but there are always products available that are exciting for all types of customers. Even if you are not in the market for a particular product, there are always excellent deals to be found on gift cards through the ZBiddy site. They offer an extensive array of gaming products such as the Sony PlayStation 3, the Nintendo Wii, and the Xbox 360. If you are interested in computers, then you will be pleased to find that they carry a full line of Apple products such as the iMac, the MacBook, and the ultra popular iPad. They also offer iPods for music listeners and the Amazon Kindle for those looking for a great electronic reader. They have excellent deals on LCD HDTV flat screen TVs and they even sell Dyson Ball Vacuums. Between all of these different product categories, you are sure to find a new product that gets you excited to spend your money at this auction.

Find Great Deals with ZBiddy.com
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If you have never before been to Zbiddy.com and seen their amazing deals, it is worth your time to browse their auction site just to see what some of their users are paying for their products. If you do take the time to browse their site you will be so convinced at how low their prices are, that you will want to sign up for a free account and begin buying your bids and bidding on the great deals you have seen. Their system is so infectious because it takes us all back to the thrill of the online auction that we were all introduced to so many years ago.

If you are in the market for high end consumer electronics then you have come to the right place. ZBiddy offers all of the top end consumer electronics and all of their products are brand new and factory sealed. Because they are able to provide you these products at rock bottom prices, they control what products are sold on their site and they control how many of that one item is also sold. It is their goal to always rotate their product supply so that you never have to struggle with buying items that are outdated or not in style. ZBiddy will work tirelessly to provide you with the best and they expect that you will be satisfied with the products that they do have to offer.

If you are curious about what kind of great deals that you can win on their site, you can see that many of their products sell for 70% off, 80% off, sometimes even 90% off of their marketed retail value. This sounds like a crazy claim but it is true and they invite you to monitor some of the auctions to see just how much of a deal you can get through the site. ZBiddy knows that they have developed a revolutionary product and they are committed to making sure that this site stays around for years to come. They are very passionate about bringing fun and excitement back to the online auction space and we feel that ZBiddy is just the company to do that.

One of the more popular areas of their site is the completed deals. This allows you to see some of the recent auctions that have ended so you can get an idea of just how good these deals really are. ZBiddy also takes pride in their low prices so they will monitor them and make necessary changes if your prices rise too high. They are committed to helping you find great deals on Zbiddy.com and they want this site to provide you and your family with high end electronics at very low prices for years to come whether it meaning buying the full amount or bidding for an item. If you also want to see a particular product on their site you can contact them and let them know. They will work diligently to make this a reality so you can get the best prices on the products that you truly care about.

All You Need to Know About the Nintendo Wii
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The game industry is a huge and magnificent creature. There are tons of different systems available for consumers interested in video games, and the Nintendo Wii is one of the best. What you need to know about the Wii is that it is a very unique system, not easily comparable to its competitors. Its large selection of games varies largely in genre, function, and difficulty, making it a very versatile system.

The Wii brought motion control to a whole new level in gaming, it was a revolutionary system when it first debuted, and has remained a strong seller, especially during online auctions. The Wii is operated using its unique controller, the Wiimote. The Wiimote is similar to a TV remote that you point at the screen. A sensor bar picks up a signal that emits from the tip of the Wiimote, and allows you to interact with things on screen by moving the controller in certain ways.

This comes into play with many of the games available for the Wii. For example, Wii Sports, which in most cases comes with the console, features sports like boxing and tennis. In the boxing game mode, you control a Mii, which is an avatar that you create to play with. You hold the Wiimote in your dominant hand, and the nunchuck, which is a joystick that plugs into the bottom of the Wiimote, in your non-dominant hand. As you make punching motions while holding the controls, your Mii does the same on screen. Make sure you have your safety strap on!

Motion control is the main feature of the Nintendo Wii, and is used in most of its games. Another thing you need to know about the Nintendo Wii is that because it is a very versatile system, it is perfect for hardcore gamers and casual family game time alike. There are plenty of shooters and big title games like the Medal of Honor series and Zelda or Mario titles available, but also lots of games that are fun and easy to experience together with your family, like carnival games and Mario Kart.

The Wii also has Wi-Fi capabilities that serve to improve your experience as a player. Many games have online multiplayer available if you have a Nintendo Wi-Fi access point. That's not all though, the Wii also has an online store where you can download nostalgic games or brand new games that are only available for download. This expands the usefulness of your Wii a lot, but that's not where it ends. The Wii is also compatible with Netflix so that you can stream videos and movies right on your TV using the Wii's Wi-Fi. The Wii's wireless capability is fantastic and should be taken advantage of to make your Wii do all that it can to improve your entertainment experience. If you don't already have a Wii, it is a great investment, and you can find it at any game store or even online at sites such as ZBiddy.com. ZBiddy is an online auction site and has great deals on electronics including the Nintendo Wii, so be sure to check it out and bid.

Everything you Need to Know about Amazon’s Kindle
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The Amazon Kindle has risen in popularity because it was the first of its kind as an electronic reader. Rather than carrying around large books in your backpack, or taking up precious storage space in your home with your massive book collection, people are able to carry all of their books in one slim, and easily transportable device. The Amazon Kindle sells very well and is so popular because it is the first product to be introduced to the market and therefore carries with it an air of authenticity and ingenuity.

If you are considering buying or bidding on one, here is everything you need to know about Amazon's Kindle before you purchase one. The Kindle is light, and weighs only 8.5 ounces. This is an incredible statistic because it is much lighter than many of the other electronic readers that have come out into the market after the Kindle. It still hold the crown as the lightest of the E-readers, and therefore the most popular among many people. Many people buy or bid in online auctions for the Kindle for the convenience. They might travel a lot, and they do not like taking multiple bulky books with them on a place or on the subway. By carrying a Kindle, a person can avoid lugging these heavy books around with them, and they can ensure that they still have the books they want to read with them.

Also, the Amazon Kindle can hold up to 3,500 books. This sounds like a lie, but it is true. The new version of the Kindle can hold more books than you can likely read in a lifetime. The technology that goes into an electronic reader constantly advances so we suspect that every new version of the Kindle will continue to add more and more storage space without increasing the weight of the device.

The Kindle is also able to connect to any wireless network to download their books. This means that you can download a new book from any wireless connection and you will never be without a book that you desperately want to read. One of the most important factors of the Kindle is the fact that it is connected with Amazon, and therefore the leading online book supplier in the world. Your Kindle will have access to any book that is sold through Amazon, and you will be able to download any of these books with the touch of a few buttons through your Amazon account. This allows you to get your books fast whenever you want to.

If you are serious about buying a new Kindle, then you should check out Zbiddy.com. ZBiddy is proud to offer the Kindle at auction prices that will astound you. Typically at around 90% off of retail price. You will get a brand new, factory sealed product, for almost the price of one of the books you will download for your Kindle.

Benefits of the iMac vs. a PC
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If you have never worked on an iMac then you could not possibly understand the extreme benefits of using an iMac versus using a PC. When you sit down behind an iMac, the first thing that catches your eye is the eye popping display and the sleek design of the machine. Whether you buy or bid on an iMac, it is a modern engineering marvel in that it is a very powerful machine available in a compact and slim design. The iMac comes in two different sizes, 23 inches and 27 inches. Both of these screens deliver cinema quality pictures and allow for the user to have one of the best computing experiences available in computing today.

One of the best advantages of an iMac over a PC is its ability to seamlessly connect with all other Apple products. This means that when an iMac user powers up their computer they will be able to connect any of their other MAC products to their computer. If they use an iPhone or if they have an iPad, they will be able to connect these devices to their computer for maximum efficiency and effectiveness as they work.

The iMac is also much better at all design programs than a PC is. When a person who works in design goes about their work they almost always use Apple products. That is because the speed of Apple machines allows for graphics and design software to run smoothly on the machines. An iMac can handle much more complex algorithms and run more involved and memory heavy programs than a PC ever could.

An iMac is also able to stop viruses from ever entering into the hardware and software of a computer system. When a person has a PC and works on the PC for extended periods of time, they will likely encounter many viruses that could infect their computer. These viruses are excellent examples of why buying a PC is a bad idea. When a virus takes hold in a computer the person will be unable to get their data back and they will never know which facets of their computer were infected. This means that often times the person is required to get a brand new computer. An iMac will never get a virus in its hardware or software which negates the need for replacement even over many long periods of time.

If you are serious about getting a new computer then you should consider getting an iMac over a PC from a penny auction. If you have done your homework and looked at the prices of an iMac versus a typical PC then you already know that an iMac costs more than a PC. This price may be prohibitive for some people but if you visit zbiddy.com you will have the opportunity to be able to buy an iMac for well below the cost of a PC. ZBiddy is an online auction site that specializes in bringing high end consumer electronics to customers for excellent low prices. This is the best way to get an iMac for the best price available.

All About Zbiddy.com
penny auctions, ecommerce, shopping, auctions

One of the best online auction sites right now is Zbiddy.com. ZBiddy is one of the fastest growing, and most popular online auction sites because of their incredibly low prices and their ability to provide the consumer electronics that consumers actually want to buy. If you have ever gone to an online auction site and have been frustrated because there seems to be thousands of auctions, and none of them have quality products, then you need to check out ZBiddy.

At ZBiddy, you will be amazed at the collection of products that they have up for auction. They are proud to offer everything ranging from an Apple iPad to an Amazon Kindle. They even offer Dyson Ball Vacuums, and gift cards to all of the major stores that you like to shop at. Suffice it to say, that if you are in the market for a quality product for yourself, or as a gift, you will need to learn all about Zbiddy.com.

Zbiddy.com is become one of the leading online auction sites because of its two main factors, their amazing high end product selection, and their incredibly low prices. Because of this, people have flocked to the site in protest of other online auction sites that promote their high end products, but either do not have many in stock, or charge high prices for them. Zbiddy.com has created their own niche that allows them to continue to gain customers, and also cultivate loyal return customers. They are focused on always providing the best and the newest products available, and they aim to always provide these products at rock bottom prices.

If you have never been to Zbiddy.com you should check it out. When you first get to the site you will instantly notice some of the featured auctions that are closing soon. You will be shocked to see that many of the items are about to end, and their prices are still shockingly low. This is because these items routinely sell for these prices, which can often time be more than 90% off of their retail value. Once you have seen a few of their auction selections, you will want to create your account and get started on your bidding. Once you create your account you will need to purchase your bids so you can make bids on the items that you are interested in buying.

You are able to buy bids in packs of 45, 75, 300, 600 or 800. The more bids you buy the greater chances you have of never running out of a bid when you need it the most. There is nothing more frustrating than having an auction that you are about to win, only to run out of bids, and get bid sniped at the last minute. To avoid this ever happening to you, buy as many bids as you can today! Once you have bought your bids you can find the product you want to buy and begin your adventure of buying products on ZBiddy.