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How to Find a Great Penny Auction
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Penny auctions are excellent examples of the core of the Zbiddy system that has made them so popular. When you engage in a penny auction, you will be involved in one of the most exciting and thrilling auction processes that you have ever seen. When you place a bid in a penny auction you will notice that your bid has increased the overall bid price by one penny. This means that every time that you place a bid or someone else places a bid, the overall auction price will increase by one penny. This might surprise you, but it is actually the best way for you to score excellent deals through Zbiddy.com

Rather than waiting around for a regular auction to close, you will have the option of continually bidding on the auction until the timer gets to zero. A penny auction is unique in the fact that it actually will extend the time by 15 seconds every time that someone bids. So for example, if you are the high bidder and the auction timer gets down to zero, someone else has the option of placing a bid and extending the auction by 15 seconds. You also have the option of placing an additional bid to try and win the auction. This creates a very exciting and tense time when you are in a literal bidding battle with potentially multiple other customers trying to win the auction. This also means that you will have to be vigilant in your bidding and be prepared to bid fast and often if you want to have a hope of actually winning the auction.

The secret to winning at penny auctions is to bid constantly and to bid as fast as you possibly can. The trick within Zbiddy though is actually finding a great penny auction that you are interested in bidding on. There are many different penny auctions that are available on Zbiddy at any one time and it is important to commit yourself to the one that you are most intent on winning. Because the bidding process for penny auctions is very intense, it is recommended that you only choose one auction at a time to focus on. This will give you the ability to place as many bids as fast as you can and it will also free you up to closely monitor the bidding at the last few minutes of the auction. You will need to find the auction that is very important to you. This will help you to persevere to the end of the auction and ensure that you have enough bids to place on the auction and enough time to devote to winning the auction.

Finding a great penny auction is like finding a great deal in the mall. You want to tell everyone you know about it, and you will likely come back time and time again looking for similar deals. penny auctions can be addicting and it is exciting to return time and time again for the thrill of the chase, and of excellent deals.

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