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Three Types of ZBiddy Auctions
penny auctions, ecommerce, shopping, auctions
On ZBiddy.com there are three main types of auctions that a person can choose from. All of these auctions are for the same brand new, factory sealed high end products, and they are all based on the competitive bidding system. They are all unique in their own way however, and it is important to understand how each one works before entering into the bidding process on one of them. ZBiddy is one of the fastest type of online auction sites, because of their relentless pursuit of low prices, and their desire to always provide the best products for their customers.

The first type of auction that you will see when you first become a member at ZBiddy.com is the Beginner Auction. The beginner auction is an excellent way to start out on ZBiddy because it will walk you through the bidding process and make sure that you understand how all of the components of an auction actually work. Once you have created your free account you will need to buy a bid pack, so you can begin bidding on your products. Once you have bought your bid packs you are able to actually start bidding on these products and working towards winning your first auction. The best thing about a Beginner Auction is that you are only bidding against first time bidders on ZBiddy. You are not bidding against wily ZBiddy veterans who know all of the tricks to ZBiddy, rather you are on an equal playing field with beginners such as yourself.

The second type of auction is a nail biter auction. This might not sound like something positive, but we can assure you that they are a whole lot of fun. ZBiddy has built is different systems into their online auction site that allow for people to automate their bidding. This system is called EZ-Buddy and it allows for automated bidding, and stop call measures to place a cap on bidding. This is a very good system for some folks, but many others prefer to do all of their bidding manually. This is where the nail biter auctions come in. These auctions do not allow people to bid using the EZ-Buddy system. This means that they bid that is placed on the auction will be a manual bid from a real person. This also means that you will literally need to stay on the edge of your seat to ensure that you are able to win the product that you want to buy.

The final type of auction is a penny auction. These auctions are consistently the most popular auctions on ZBiddy.com. These auctions begin like any other auction except that their price only increases by one penny every time that a person bids on the auction. This means that even with thousands of bidders, the prices for many of the products will still be over 90% off of retail value. The auction time is also extended by 15 seconds every time that a person places a bid. This allows for the auction to continue until someone finally outbids all of their competitors.