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Tips for Using Penny Auction Sites
penny auctions, ecommerce, shopping, auctions
If you are new to penny auction sites then you are encouraged to read this article before diving into the wonderful world of penny auctions. If you have never used a penny auction site before then you might be wondering what exactly is a penny auction? To put it simply a penny auction is an auction that starts out at one penny and increase in price by one penny, every time that a person bids on the product. This might sound like you can actually get a product for a few pennies, and while this is not exactly true, we have found that ZBiddy customers are able to get their penny auctions for amazing prices. We have also found that ZBiddy customers enjoy bidding on penny auctions more than regular auctions because every one of their bids only costs a penny and they feel more willing to bid more than with a traditional bid of $0.60.

We have a lot of fun with the penny auctions and we feel that these penny auctions are a return to the basis for the online auction site. They provide fun, excitement, and a thrill as the auction closes and you bid away to try and win the item at the last minute. This is more than just a shopping experience, it is an adventure! ZBiddy is committed to providing as many penny actions on ZBiddy that they can and they promise that there will always be more penny auctions on their site as they continue to gain more customers every day.

One of the best tips for using penny auctions sites is to purchase enough bids so you will never run out. So many times we have seen people who have been bidding away on their favorite products only to find out that in fact they have spend all of their bids, and they cannot buy more fast enough to make another bid before the auction closes. This is unfortunate and we do not wish this on anyone. That is why ZBiddy encourages all of their customers to purchase as many bids as possible so that you will have all the bids you need when the time comes to make the bid on the product that you truly want to have.

Another excellent tip for using penny auctions is to wait until the final ten minutes of the auction so that you will not waste your bids needlessly. You will be hurt to find that you have held the top bid for days only to be outbid at the last minute by someone else with a slightly higher bid. To avoid this frustration, you should try and bid as close to the end as you feel comfortable. This will also let you see exactly how good the prices are that you are getting and it will let you know that you have won the product. It will also let you use as few bids as possible to win the product that you want. This is the best way to maximize your penny auction bidding on zbiddy.com.

Why Everyone Should Use Weber Gas Grills
penny auctions, ecommerce, shopping, auctions
Weber gas grills are known for their quality, dependability and value. Many people will walk into a store and say "I want to buy a Weber grill" they may not know the style or size that they want. However, they do know that the Weber is a good performing grill that will hold up to the use and abuse of the weekend cook. If you do tend to use your grill a little hard you can easily find the replacement part through Weber. Weber is a long standing dependable company that has become a well known brand throughout the world. In fact Weber is sold in over forty countries and continues to be a best seller.

Weber gas grills come in three basic categories simplistically which is smallest grill and Spirit, Genesis and Summit which are the medium and large grills. When making a large purchase such as a grill most of us look at the quality of the item versus the cost. If the quality is high we are willing to spend more because we know the grill will last. If you buy your Weber grill from ZBiddy you have the chance to have the best of both worlds. ZBiddy will allow you to get the quality Weber grill you want at the price that you need, whether you have to bid or buy.

Weber grills are available in many sizes and finishes throughout online auctions, including black and stainless steel. You can get models that have many high end features such as separate burners for side dishes, even cooking and heavy duty grates. The high end features in a Weber grill are comparable to those of a more expensive grill without the price tag. There is no comparison with the cheaper grills that do not cook evenly and wear out quickly. The price you pay for a Weber is well worth the quality that you are buying. In fact in this price range Weber far outperforms any other brand of grill. When looking at what type of grill to buy you need to look at Weber and make sure that you are getting the grill that outperforms all of the others.

The best way to get your Weber grill is to go on ZBiddy.com and look at the active bidding. You may find your grill for pennies on the dollar. The chance to buy a grill for a cheaper price is a great deal and nothing makes a bidder happier than getting a great deal on a quality grill. When you are looking for a quality grill make sure that you check out Weber and then make sure you get the price you need at ZBiddy. More people today are turning to online shopping as a way to save time and also money. Online shopping helps you avoid having to go from store to store only to find out they have to order your Weber grill. Online shopping gives you the chance to see everything they have in stock and you have the ability to get what you want, when you want it.

Three Types of ZBiddy Auctions
penny auctions, ecommerce, shopping, auctions
On ZBiddy.com there are three main types of auctions that a person can choose from. All of these auctions are for the same brand new, factory sealed high end products, and they are all based on the competitive bidding system. They are all unique in their own way however, and it is important to understand how each one works before entering into the bidding process on one of them. ZBiddy is one of the fastest type of online auction sites, because of their relentless pursuit of low prices, and their desire to always provide the best products for their customers.

The first type of auction that you will see when you first become a member at ZBiddy.com is the Beginner Auction. The beginner auction is an excellent way to start out on ZBiddy because it will walk you through the bidding process and make sure that you understand how all of the components of an auction actually work. Once you have created your free account you will need to buy a bid pack, so you can begin bidding on your products. Once you have bought your bid packs you are able to actually start bidding on these products and working towards winning your first auction. The best thing about a Beginner Auction is that you are only bidding against first time bidders on ZBiddy. You are not bidding against wily ZBiddy veterans who know all of the tricks to ZBiddy, rather you are on an equal playing field with beginners such as yourself.

The second type of auction is a nail biter auction. This might not sound like something positive, but we can assure you that they are a whole lot of fun. ZBiddy has built is different systems into their online auction site that allow for people to automate their bidding. This system is called EZ-Buddy and it allows for automated bidding, and stop call measures to place a cap on bidding. This is a very good system for some folks, but many others prefer to do all of their bidding manually. This is where the nail biter auctions come in. These auctions do not allow people to bid using the EZ-Buddy system. This means that they bid that is placed on the auction will be a manual bid from a real person. This also means that you will literally need to stay on the edge of your seat to ensure that you are able to win the product that you want to buy.

The final type of auction is a penny auction. These auctions are consistently the most popular auctions on ZBiddy.com. These auctions begin like any other auction except that their price only increases by one penny every time that a person bids on the auction. This means that even with thousands of bidders, the prices for many of the products will still be over 90% off of retail value. The auction time is also extended by 15 seconds every time that a person places a bid. This allows for the auction to continue until someone finally outbids all of their competitors.

How to Find a Great Penny Auction
penny auctions, ecommerce, shopping, auctions
Penny auctions are excellent examples of the core of the Zbiddy system that has made them so popular. When you engage in a penny auction, you will be involved in one of the most exciting and thrilling auction processes that you have ever seen. When you place a bid in a penny auction you will notice that your bid has increased the overall bid price by one penny. This means that every time that you place a bid or someone else places a bid, the overall auction price will increase by one penny. This might surprise you, but it is actually the best way for you to score excellent deals through Zbiddy.com

Rather than waiting around for a regular auction to close, you will have the option of continually bidding on the auction until the timer gets to zero. A penny auction is unique in the fact that it actually will extend the time by 15 seconds every time that someone bids. So for example, if you are the high bidder and the auction timer gets down to zero, someone else has the option of placing a bid and extending the auction by 15 seconds. You also have the option of placing an additional bid to try and win the auction. This creates a very exciting and tense time when you are in a literal bidding battle with potentially multiple other customers trying to win the auction. This also means that you will have to be vigilant in your bidding and be prepared to bid fast and often if you want to have a hope of actually winning the auction.

The secret to winning at penny auctions is to bid constantly and to bid as fast as you possibly can. The trick within Zbiddy though is actually finding a great penny auction that you are interested in bidding on. There are many different penny auctions that are available on Zbiddy at any one time and it is important to commit yourself to the one that you are most intent on winning. Because the bidding process for penny auctions is very intense, it is recommended that you only choose one auction at a time to focus on. This will give you the ability to place as many bids as fast as you can and it will also free you up to closely monitor the bidding at the last few minutes of the auction. You will need to find the auction that is very important to you. This will help you to persevere to the end of the auction and ensure that you have enough bids to place on the auction and enough time to devote to winning the auction.

Finding a great penny auction is like finding a great deal in the mall. You want to tell everyone you know about it, and you will likely come back time and time again looking for similar deals. penny auctions can be addicting and it is exciting to return time and time again for the thrill of the chase, and of excellent deals.

How to Decide Between a MacBook and an iMac
penny auctions, ecommerce, shopping, auctions
Deciding which computer to buy can be a very difficult decision. Buying a computer is an investment. You will be spending a significant amount of money to purchase or bid on your new computer, and more importantly than that, you will be using your computer for very important tasks. When you buy a computer you want that computer to accomplish all of the tasks you ask of it, and you want it to be reliable and available any time you need to use it. When you spend the money to buy a computer you have a series of high expectations that will disappoint you f they are not met.

When you look at your list of expectations for your new computer you should find that all of those criteria are met in either the MacBook for the iMac. Both of these computers are Apple products, which means that they are some of the finest examples of computing technology that the computing world has ever seen. They both wield impressive computing power and both come stamped with Apple's seal of being virus free and of providing some of the best customer service in the industry. If you have been looking for a new computer for a long time and have not found what you are looking for, we encourage you to take a close look at both the Apple iMac and the Apple MacBook.

The Apple iMac is an all in one computer. This means that the screen and the entire CPU are contained within one very sleek designed case. The iMac boasts up to a 27 inch cinema quality screen that provides some serious real estate and powerful computing power.

The Apple MacBook is a laptop that is designed by Apple to be one of the best working laptops they produce. The MacBook boasts up to 5 hours of battery life on a single charge and come with a 13, 15 or 17 inch screen. These laptop screens are also cinema quality and provide a dizzying array of colors. The MacBook also comes with an iSight camera that allows for people to chat with their friends and family around the world.

If you are still considering which one of these computers might be best for you, whether you're buying one or bidding on one from an online auction one of the main issues is portability. Obviously the MacBook will be a much more convenient computer to carry with you and much more practical to travel with.

If you are considering buying either one of these computers we encourage you to check out Zbiddy.com. This online auction website has the absolute best prices on both of these products. They consistently sell for well over 80% off of retail value, making them the lowest prices on these products we have ever seen. If you are serious about buying one f these Apple products but have been scared away by the price, you should check out ZBiddy to see the great deals you can get. You will not be disappointed and you will join the ranks of those who found their amazing deals at Zbiddy.com.

Giving Gift Cards is Better than Cash
penny auctions, ecommerce, shopping, auctions
Giving gifts is one of the best parts about a holiday or a special event. Many people truly feel that giving a gift is better than receiving a gift. This is very true and because of this, gifts have gotten more creative and more lavish over time. However, we all understand that thought and time cannot simply go into every gift that is give. People are too busy and gifts are too expensive to put this type of effort into every gift that you give to a person, especially if they are not a close personal friend or family member. In the past, the quick and easy solution to this problem was to give cash as a gift. This actually is not a very bad gift as it allows the person to use the cash on something that they truly wanted. However, cash was quickly labeled as an impersonal and thoughtless gift. In the interest of avoiding being labeled as any of these, we would like to propose a solution to this problem: the gift card. 
Businesses quickly picked up on the fact that they were able to sell a lot of gift cards for people to use at their stores through online auctions. A business will generally have a gift card in the checkout line at their store, and they will be available in varying amounts all the way from $5 up to $100. These gift cards make excellent gifts because they do allow the recipient of the gift to spend them on anything that they would lie within a specific store, and they also take into account an interest that the person might have. 
Gift cards can be tailored to the individual receiving the gift and it can be used as an excellent gift as opposed to an impersonal gift. Many companies have also begun packaging their gift cards in attractive cases and containers so that people will be more willing to buy or bid them as gifts rather than for themselves. Gift cards are the wave of the future and it is important to understand just how they work so that you are able to get the best deals possible on them. 
If you are interested in buying gift cards at prices that are well below their stated value, then you should visit Zbiddy.com. ZBiddy offers gift cards for many major consumer stores at greatly reduced prices. For example, a recent gift card to the Home Depot is worth $100, and the gift card sold for well below 70% of its stated value. This is basically like getting free money. if you are serious about getting gift cards as gifts for your friends and family then you should check out Zbiddy.com to see what type of gifts you can buy today. Giving gift cards is better than cash and you can rest assured that whoever receives the gift card that you have to offer will be excited about it. You will never have to let them know that you got an amazing deal on it. 

Win an iPad on ZBiddy.com
penny auctions, ecommerce, shopping, auctions
If you have ever wondered about how some people get their electronics for such amazing prices, the answer may lie in Zbiddy.com. This online auction website allows for customers to create a free account, purchase their bids, and then begin bidding on the best high end consumer electronics available on the market today. We also offer extremely low prices. Because this system is a no reserve auction system, the highest bidder will win the auction. This means that most of the products are sold for well below retail value and often for pennies on the dollar of what they are worth. 
For example, we have many auctions that will give you the opportunity to win an iPad on zbiddy.com. If you have been living under a rock for the last year you might not have heard of the iPad, but otherwise, you are well acquainted with this product even if you have never used one. The Apple iPad is a masterpiece on computing technology. Many people in the past were so thrilled about a laptop because it allowed them to have their computing power that they need in a portable platform. This has allowed people to conduct business, attend classes, or perform other work away from the confines of a desk or even a power outlet. 
Many people are also addicted to their SMART phones. These new breed of phones have become increasingly popular because of the opportunities they provide for people. It allows a person to stay connected as well as perform basic functions on the internet through web browsing. The ability to have email and a calendar at your fingertips wherever you go has been the selling factor for many SMART phones. 
For years, people have dreamed of a product that will combine the portability and communication of a smart phone with the portability of a laptop. The Apple iPad has done just that. Now, in a sleek design, the Apple iPad has answered all of these questions and has even surpassed many critics’ wildest expectations. The Apple iPad continues to reinvent itself and new models that come out will continue to propel the table computer market forward. 
If you are interested in buying one of these products you may have seen ads on TV or gone to a store and seen the devices for sale. You might also be shocked at the price of these gadgets. They are relatively expensive and much more expensive than most people are willing to pay. However, through Zbiddy.com you are able to win an Apple iPad for a fraction of the cost of one through a store by being able to bid and having a lower price. You will be ensured that you get a brand new product and that it is even factory sealed. When you buy from ZBiddy you can buy with confidence because you know that you are getting a quality product. 

Get the Latest Electronics on ZBiddy.com
penny auctions, ecommerce, shopping, auctions
If you are in the market for a brand new electronic device then you will need to check out Zbiddy.com. ZBiddy is proud to offer only brand new, factory sealed high end electronic devices through their online auction site, and they are able to do so because they have learned how to leverage the collective bidding and buying power of their customer base. What this means for you, is that rather than paying high retail prices for your products, you will be able to rely on yourself, and other bidders to drive up the auction price incrementally, and then you can swoop in at the last minute and win the auction with the highest bid.

The system works well because users are required to buy their bids. Rather than bidding for free like most other auction site, ZBiddy requires their users to buy their own bids. This serves two purposes, to create a profit for ZBiddy so they can keep their pries at rock bottom, and also to ensure that every bid is a serious bid. This will prevent users from bidding on a product that they never intend to purchase and from bidding on a product simply to drive the price up. These practices are unfortunate, and this system will stop this from happening on ZBiddy.

If you are looking for the latest electronic products then you should check out the current auction listing on Zbiddy.com. You will likely to be shocked to see that the site offers virtually every top model of electronic device that you can think of. They offer a complete line of Apple products. They carry everything from the Apple TV, to the Apple iMac, and even the brand new ultra popular Apple iPad 2. They also carry a complete line of video gaming devices such as the Sony Playstation3, the Nintendo Wii, and even the Xbox 360. All of these gaming products are also new and factory sealed, so you are guaranteed the best possible deal of a product in brand new condition.

ZBiddy is also proud to offer great deals on new LCD HDTV flat screen TV's. These products are always on sale in stores because they simply cannot sell them fast enough. ZBiddy has quickly figured out that the one way to have products literally fly off of their shelves is to offer them at incredibly low prices. People are much more willing to buy a product for a great price on a whim then they would for a very expensive product. This means that you are able to score excellent deals on the products that you care about.

ZBiddy even offers great deals on products such as the Dyson Ball vacuum, the Amazon Kindle, and even a complete line of gift cards for some of the top companies in the world. You can find a product you want at ZBiddy, and if you cannot, simply let them know and they will work tirelessly to find that product for you, and auction it off at a very low price.

Four Reasons you Should Buy a Sony PlayStation 3
penny auctions, ecommerce, shopping, auctions
If you are a gamer then you know how crucial it is to own the latest and greatest video gaming console. Not only because most of your friends will buy it or bid on it as soon as it comes out, but because you will want to experience the joy of the new system as soon as you are able to. By having a brand new video game system in your house, you will be able to experience the joy and the fun times that video games can provide. This will also allow you to connect with your friends and have friendly competitions over who is better at a certain game.

If you have been in the video gaming industry for a few years, then you are aware of the Sony PlayStation 3. This device is a modern marvel of video gaming technology and is one of the coolest gadgets we have ever seen. If you are considering buying a new video game system then here are four reasons you should buy or bid at an auction for a Sony PlayStation 3. First, the PlayStation 3 is able to play all of the previous generation PlayStation games. Many gamers collect all of their old video games, and they enjoy playing them from time to time. Especially the classic arcade style PlayStation games, and the role playing fantasy type PlayStation games. With many other systems, you are not able to play previous generation games, which requires you to keep multiple consoles in your home and clutter up your entertainment space. With the Sony Playstation3, you can simple use the current console to play any PlayStation game that was ever created.

Second, the PlayStation 3 allows you to connect to the internet. This means that you will be able to stream movies live over the internet from services such as Netflix, and you will also be able to access online content for the games that you enjoy playing.

Third, you can play your video games online against your friends from around the world. The PlayStation allows you to play cooperative games, and also competitive games against your friends, through the internet feature of the PlayStation 3.

Finally, you should buy a PlayStation 3 because it is the overall rated best video game system by the majority of gamers. People who use a product frequently are generally the best to judge the quality of a product. This is true in video games as well, and gamers routinely select the PlayStation 3 as the best gaming console they have ever played. Millions of gamers cannot be wrong.

If you are considering buying a Sony PlayStation 3 but have been scared away by the price, then you should check out Zbiddy.com and see the amazingly low prices they have through their online auction site. If you look through ZBiddy, you can find completed auctions or a PlayStation 3 and see exactly how low the prices are. If you are still not convinced, then you can read their user reviews to see just how awesome their deals really are.

What is ZBiddy.com?
penny auctions, ecommerce, shopping, auctions
ZBiddy auctions are hot, and with good reason. Users stand to win great items at extremely low prices. If you want to be one of the people that are getting these goods for cheap, then you need to understand how ZBiddy works.

The first thing you will need to do if you want to participate in ZBiddy auctions is register to use the site. This process only takes a few minutes, and it completely free. After you register, spend a few minutes looking around the site, and becoming familiar with the type of products offered. This will allow you to see what previous items have sold for. Do not be surprised if you see that hot products have sold for very small amounts of money. This is what penny auctions are all about, and why this is the hottest auction trend to come around in many years.

While you are checking out the site, you will likely see one or more products that you would like to bid on. In order to bid, you will need to buy a bid pack. A bid pack gives you a specific number of bids that you can place. These can all be used on one auction, or spread out over several auction. These bid packs are available in sizes ranging from forty-five, all the way up to eight hundred. Each bid in the pack currently costs sixty cents.

Each time you bid, the current high bid will rise by $0.01, and one bid from your bid pack will be removed. Though I have referred to ZBiddy as a penny auction site, there are auctions in which the bid is increased by a dime each time a bid is placed. You will be able to place as many bids as you have purchased in your bid pack. When those are gone, you will need to buy more. The system does not automatically assign you a new bid pack when you run out. This will have to be done by you. If you are about to try to get in on a last minute deal, be sure that you have plenty of bids in your bid pack beforehand.

ZBiddy auctions run in the same way other auctions do in relation to when they end. Each auction is given a set amount of time for the auction to run, and a specific time that it will close. If the auction only has one bidder, it will end at its set time. However, if others join in the bidding when the auction end time is near, 20-30 seconds will be added to the clock. This is done to allow all interested bidders to respond to the most current bid.

Using ZBiddy is quite easy. Once you get the hang of it, you will be able to develop bidding strategies that will allow you to win the highest amount of auctions, at the lowest prices. There is one word of caution, however. The first time you win a great item for pennies on the dollar, you will be hooked.